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Kind Lifestyles

Charlotte Elizabeth
Content Creator, Brand Consultant
Model, Confidence + Style Coach

Hi I am Charlotte,

Charlotte is a body positive/neutral ethical vegan. She has worked in the marketing field for over 15 years. From owning an online business to working with brands on campaigns, hosting events/pop-ups, driving sales and engaging community through diverse forms of media. ​


She began working professionally as an extended sizes model over the past 10 years.  This has allowed her the opportunity to build partnerships with forward driven brands.  ​Putting her creative aptitude and personal connections to use.  Uplifting and supporting the goals and visions of her clients projects and campaigns. Charlotte's experience on and off the camera in fashion, marketing, modelling, sales and events has given her a deep understanding of the fashion, beauty and self  care industry.  With a network of skilled local talent Charlotte has built a foundation to produce high quality content.​


It's no secret she lives and works by her values. Those being connected with total ethical fashion being inclusive of all peoples, the planet and non-human animals.  Charlotte is deeply intentional in her alignment with brands, partnerships and opportunities which are specific to her demographic and  uphold mutually shared values.


Charlotte has appeared on Global morning news, in Vita Daily magazine, The Vancouver Sun and on CTV morning news


Compassionate Choices

Create a Kinder World

Services & Offerings

Content Production

With years of behind the scenes and on camera experience I will make your content visions come to life.  Bringing together industry professionals to create lasting partnerships to elevate your brand 

Body Neutral Model

I have worked as a professional extended sizes model in lifestyle, fashion and e-commerce for the past 10 years. You can trust in my skills and expertise on and off the camera. 

Brand Consultancy

Let's talk fresh ideas in planning marketing campaigns, partnerships, events and social media content creation. I have helped brands build their community partnerships, social outreach and engagement. 



"Charlotte brings such a positive energy to set and is a joy to work with. We love having her rock our Rompers!"
Smash + Tess
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