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I am a Celebration

Beyond the Body (the class)


What does your internal self talk say about you? Are they words of encouragement or self critical judgement? Many of us have thought we aren't good enough as we are, maybe thinking I’m too chubby, too skinny, too tall, too short. This constant pressure to strive for something "better." 

Are we truly comfortable or happy in our own bodies?

Women Holding Hands

What's included

Have you ever had to change your clothes multiple times because you didn’t think your body looked good enough to go to the party/event?. Have you stopped yourself from going to the beach/pool because you felt ashamed of your body and how it looked in a bathing suit? Are you too afraid to go to a fitness class/yoga class because you feel out of place? Do you compare yourself to images of women on social media? Do you find yourself scrolling through weight loss videos and diet adverts?


If you answered yes to any of these questions this is the place for you.


Join us for this empowering day. We will unpack why you might feel this way, provide tools to support you, connect you with like minded people and have a blast!




Opening circle + breath work practice

Body image empowerment strategies 

Group sharing - empowering each other with our stories

 Tools to create a better body image relationship

Closing movement celebration

Meet Your Hosts

Sara Bryant
Registered Counsellor  & Yoga Instructor
Charlotte Elizabeth
International Model - Mentor - Host
Coming Spring 2023
please email me if you'd like to receive an update when tickets go live
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