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A vegan model and yogi, passionate about inspiring love and kindness for ones self and others.  

The Kind Lifestyles blog is aimed at educating our choices in daily life from foods to fashion and care products.  Considering the welfare of humans, animals and the planet.  

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Shop like a Vegan




Shopping Vegan Inspired in Fashion & Beauty


On the road to veganism whether you’re experimenting with more plant based foods in your diet.  Maybe you’re transitioning from vegetarian to vegan. You may even be an expert in living an ethical vegan life.  I joined the vegan tribe just over two years ago and it’s been a surprising journey of health benefits and discoveries as to how many animal byproducts are used in simple things like toothpaste, condoms, wine, beauty and home products. The list goes on and on… So how do we shop vegan and cruelty-free?  This task can actually seem more daunting then leaving animals off our plates. These things are hidden inside everyday products we’ve grown accustomed to using.


One thing anyone vegan or not can do is vote with their consumer dollars. Voting to not support animal testing is a great place to start. This Involves some light label reading, looking for the cruelty-free and vegan symbols.  If you’re not sure a quick google search on your handheld should do the trick. Initially this will take some time and a little bit of your own research. Once you are familiar with “ethical” brands you’ll be shopping with ease and peace of mind.


Our Canadian government is a few steps behind in regulating the cruelty-free marketplace.  We need to do our homework as consumers. We can take the next step which is to advocate with our local, provincial and federal politicians to make the sale of animal tested products illegal.  This example has already been set in Germany and now the entire European Union is acting with compassion and bringing more rights to animals. Selling products tested on animals is now illegal in the entire EU. Check out the Body Shops campaign to sign and participate in changing the international regulation around animal testing.  Calling upon the United Nations general assembly to globally end all animal testing on cosmetics. Follow the link here to sign and raise our voices together. https://foreveragainstanimaltesting.com/


Another way to shop like a vegan is to avoid purchasing fur, leather, wool and silk. Go for options like synthetics, or more environmentally friendly alternatives like pineapple or mushroom leather..  Read labels on shoes, jackets, sweaters accessories. Transitioning into “ethical” shopping gets you pretty familiar quick on what your garments are made of and this may even lead you to wonder, who made your clothes? Were factory workers paid a fair living wage? The inspiring avenues of living vegan extend to not only the rights of animals but our human family too.


A great place to start is local, locally made goods that are cruelty free and vegan. So to pay a little extra for something of value that won’t end up in the trash bin next season and supports local brands, artisans and small business owners. Where to shop in Vancouver? Where to settle in for beauty services? What trusted local retailers and business are making waves and brining ethical goods to the forefront?


Vancouver’s annual Veg Expo is a great place to start to get your feet wet or dive right into the mecca of veg focused foods, ethical beauty and even apparell too.


Communicate the vegan message by what you wear with Tantamount Apparel, Talk Vegan To Me and The Vegan Jetsetter Apparel.


For your ethical and vegan beauty needs check out Willow’s Wax Bar.  Vancouver’s only fully “vegan beauty salon” from cruelty-free makeup to, mani-pedis to waxing and even vegan spray tans!


See below for a list of Vancouver based vegan fashion and beauty brands;



ZenZall online vegan marketplace headquartered in Vancouver, coming soon!

Online ethical vegan market place, move over Amazon.



The Green Beauty Collective

Green vegan beauty 



Sappho Cosmetics

Vegan clean cosmetics



Elate Cosmetics

Vegan clean cosmetics



Haut Cosmetics

Vegan clean cosmetics



Willow’s Wax Bar

Vancouver's vegan beauty salon



Peace People Project

Vegan activism apparel 



Leze the Label

Sustainable vegan fashion



Revol Girl 

Sustainable, ethical, chic period proof undies



Rimpy Sahota 

Ethical fashion



Bikini Empire

Ethical lux swimwear



Daub Active

Our list wouldn’t be complete without Canadian designed and manufactured yoga and fitness apparel.



Nice Shoes

For vegan shoes



Amanda Jay - Compassionate Living - Victoria

For ethical and vegan goods



The Soap Dispensary

Sustainable living



Womyns Ware

For vegan intimate goods



Arc Apparel

For ethical and vegan fashion 



Vegan Supply

Self care products, clothing and vegan eats.



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Shop like a Vegan

May 29, 2018

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May 16, 2018

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