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A vegan model and yogi, passionate about inspiring love and kindness for ones self and others.  

The Kind Lifestyles blog is aimed at educating our choices in daily life from foods to fashion and care products.  Considering the welfare of humans, animals and the planet.  

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Brand Ambassador



Interested in working together to promote and endorse your brand, product or service. Take a look at the Kind Lifestyles creators work in the food and beverage industry, marketing, promotions, events, sales and service to the world of runway, fashion and beauty.  From hosting events to doing live interviews, modelling and creating media content. Let's work together to find a fit best for the stage of your business.   


Charlotte is an ethical model, signed internationally in the US and Canada and permitted to work across both borders. 

See her model portfolios here;



Vancouver, BC - League Models http://leaguemodels.com/talent/charlotte-curve-106537



Las Angelos & New York - Role Models Management 



Palm Springs & Las Vegas - League Models - http://leaguemodels.com/talent/charlotte-curve-106537


San Francisco - Look Models - http://www.lookmodelagency.com/divisions/lifestyle/portfolios/charlotte 


Charlotte collaborates exclusively with ethical brands from vegan, fair trade and cruelty-free and is passionate about educating consumers the positive choices made with their consumer dollars.  


Watch Kind Lifestyles feature on Global News promoting plant based foods;



Charlotte's full portfolio and resume are available upon request.

If you'd like to inquire about working together please e-mail Charlotte directly at kindlifestyles@gmail.com

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Shop like a Vegan

May 29, 2018

Brand Ambassador

May 16, 2018

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