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The Kind Lifestyles blog is aimed at educating our choices in daily life from foods to fashion and care products.  Considering the welfare of humans, animals and the planet.  

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Luxury Lingerie


Who loves to shop for lingerie, on the hunt for the perfect fitting bra? That may be a mixed reaction, as many of us struggle with knowing our right size.  I was shocked the first time I was properly measured and told that was an F cup, whilst spending the majority of my adult years falling out of a DD. The importance of actually entering a store that knows how to do a proper fitting, size and fit you trumps shopping online from your favourite cozy chair at home.  The bonus to this is shopping locally. Where to go when you need to find that perfect fitting bra or that special set to give your that glorious confidence.  I love to online shop but for something like lingerie, bras and panties I prefer to visit a boutique and experience the garments in person.  


Here in Vancouver I’ve been shopping with Diane’s Lingerie on South Granville.  I love that they cater to all body shapes with a diverse size range. The majority of their bras are European and most of the production is done in Europe.  In final production stages, garments are sent out. These brands are providing work for highly trained and well taken care of employees overseas.


For a growing population of consumers how garments are produced is becoming a greater awareness and buying feature.  I would consider Diane’s bras the ferraris of undergarments. Slow fashion is luxury fashion and that is generally reflected in the price. High quality garments last longer and fit you well. Fast fashion, less expensive and low quality garments end up in the landfill in expencial volumes.  Buying 10 low quality bras verses buying 3 high quality bras. I love that feeling of wearing something equistie under my jeans and a t-shirt, just for me. How many undergarments do you have taking up space in your drawers that don’t fit you properly? Spring is a great time to purge and renew!


Through this inspiration for high quality bras and lingerie I teamed up with Diane’s Lingerie, Laura Shortt Photography and Blended by Amber to create this beautiful collage of imagery showing that women of diverse size can look and feel incredible in lux lingerie. The brands we featured include my favorites Empreinte, Prima Donna Lingerie and Hanky Panky.



                                                                 Empreinte Lingerie is a French Lingerie brand established in 1946. 


The greater majority (90%) of the bras are cut and constructed in Breast, France.  All seamstresses whom work for Empreiente undergo a three year training program and are mentored by senior seamstresses.  This care in production ensures the highest quality garments. 


The final touches are put together by expert trained staff in Morocco, where much more volume may be produced and more employees are accessible. Empreiente has an exceptional reputation for paying fair wages treating their employees with the upmost respect and fairness 


                                                              Prima Donna Lingerie "Rock Your Curves" a European Lingerie brand.


                                                                                        Bra: Prima Donna.  Panty: Hanky Panky

I'm impressed with what I have learnt in regards to the production standards of Prima Donna, cutting all parts of their bras in Belgium where they assemble all the pieces required into kits for each bra.


The kits are then sent out for assembly overseas providing work where jobs would not otherwise be available. Their factories operate from 9-5 with holidays, sick pay and fair wages.  With a retiring community of seamstresses and a low number of people going into the production of fashion Prima Donna has sourced more talented workers outside of Europe. 


Hanky Panky has been manufacturing in the Northeast area of the USA since 1977 and makes great strides to be ethically and environmentally responsible.  Learn more https://www.hankypanky.com/about/sustainability I love their comfortable flattering fit for curves!



Bonus! Diane's Lingerie carries a selection of lounge and sleepwear and I am absolutely obsessed with this jumper by Paper Label that you can take from sleep to street. Shhhhhh it's a secret but I have worn this to yoga and thrown a sweater over top running out to pick a few things up at the market.  


Make you own trip down to Diane's Lingerie for fitting.  I promise they will be your favourites pieces to wear! 

Diane's Lingerie 2950 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3J7 https://www.dianeslingerie.com


All photos by Laura Shortt Photography https://www.laurashortt.com

Vegan & cruelty-free beauty by Blended By Amber http://www.blendedbyamber.com



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