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A vegan model and yogi, passionate about inspiring love and kindness for ones self and others.  

The Kind Lifestyles blog is aimed at educating our choices in daily life from foods to fashion and care products.  Considering the welfare of humans, animals and the planet.  

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Kind Vegan + Cruelty Free Nails

                                                              Kind Lifestyles recommended vegan and cruelty free nail and gel polishes.


                      Living a vegan lifestyle considers even the common beauty regiment to be met with opportunity for conscious choice.  

                 Thankfully an abundance of vegan and cruelty free brands are on the market.  Including even 7 free and 10 free chemical polishes.  

L                                                                            Let's bring on the ethical brands with my favs list xo.



                7-Free, vegan, never tested on innocent animals and proudly made in the USA. Over one-hundred colors to choose from.

                                                                                               Follow @ellamila on Instagram





                                               Luxurious nail lacquer to meet our kind standards, 7 free, cruelty free and vegan friendly. 

                                                        Edgy vibe colours for the wild child in you.  Flossed and Glossed like a Boss!

                                                                                             Follow @flossgloss on Instagram






                                    Zoya's beautiful neutral and deep rich jewel tone colours emmulate chic sophistication. 

                                                                                            big 10 free - vegan - cruelty free

                                                                                            Follow @zoyanails on Instagram






                                                            Actual gel polish that is vegan friendly and cruelty free, ring the alarm! 

                                        Bio Seaweed Gel is the leader in healthy gel products.  Free of the big 5 harsh chemicals.

                                                                                        Follow @bioseaweedgel on Instagram



                                                        Be sure to check in with your nail salon when booking your appointment.

 Ask if they have a selection of vegan and cruelty free polishes.  You may even inspire your salon to start to carry a more compassionate line.  


                                                        If you live in Vancouver B.C. I suggest booking a service at Joy Ride Vancouver.   

                   Beautiful environment, friendly professional staff and of course an excellent selection of vegan and cruelty free polishes.

                                                                                             Follow @joyridenails on Instagram



 Thanks for reading and considering the welfare of innocent animals.  Follow me on Instagram @charlottecurvemodel and @kindlifestyles




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