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A vegan model and yogi, passionate about inspiring love and kindness for ones self and others.  

The Kind Lifestyles blog is aimed at educating our choices in daily life from foods to fashion and care products.  Considering the welfare of humans, animals and the planet.  

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Clean Cosmetics

I am in love with experiencing the Elate Cosmetics line with Sheilla from Vancouver Glam Girls.  

Sheilla is a Vancouver based makeup artist whose journey and discovery of clean cosmetics sets her apart from the average makeup artist who may have not yet considered filling their kit with cruelty free and clean cosmetic options.  Since transitioning into ethical veganism I've been purchasing, discovering and learning more about vegan, cruelty free and clean cosmetics.  Working in fashion makes this a top priority and a little overwhelming.  There's so much information out there and thankfully many, many choices.  


Sheilla from Vancouver Glam Girls share's with Kind Lifestyles more on her journey to clean cosmetics, it's benefits, myths and her favourite BC brands.


When did you discover clean cosmetics?

I discovered green beauty when I became pregnant with my first child
in 2015.  I instinctively became hyper aware of my environment and my
choices.  I wanted to know what I was consuming, what I was exposing
myself to, and how everything could affect my baby.  I starting by
changing my deodorant to an aluminum-free brand.  Then, I got rid of all
chemical cleaners in the house and replaced them with toxin-free
cleansers.  Finally, I looked at the ingredients on my makeup and was
shocked.  I made the switch to green beauty.  To my delight, green beauty
performed wonderfully and even cleared my skin.


What are the benefits of using clean cosmetics?

Green beauty caused my clients' skin and my own skin more clarity and
balance.  Personally, my mild acne and rosacea went away.  Green beauty is
clean beauty.  It allows your skin to heal and reset, and weans your skin
off chemical dependancies.


What are your favourite brands?
My favourite local green/clean/vegan BC brands are Elate Cosmetics and
Haut Cosmetics.

Myth buster!  What's the biggest myth around green cosmetics?

The biggest myth is that green cosmetics don't perform.  People want
full coverage foundations, dramatic eyes, fuller lips, and a strong
contour.  All this can be achieved with green cosmetics with the ADDED
benefits of nourishing ingredients.  Sometimes, people steer away from
green cosmetics because they don't know how to use them.  It's true - the
application is different.  Often, you have to use your hands instead of
brushes because the warmth of your fingers activate the product and allow
it to blend due to the natural ingredients.  I will be filming some green
beauty tutorials on my Vancouver Glam Girls YouTube channel this year to
demonstrate these techniques.

Our clients are usually young professionals needing to get "Photo-Ready"
for an event.  We also get a lot of women who want to learn about makeup
and green beauty so we teach them with a makeover/lesson.

Sheilla Porciello, founded the Vancouver Glam Girls alongside her
sister-in-law, Nicole Porciello.  Their kindred spirits for all things
feminine and beautiful brought about this idea to become Makeup Artists in
order to create a future that was fun, exciting, and fulfilling.  To date,
they have been in three magazines, worked behind the scenes on the runway,
and built a wonderful Glam Tribe on Instagram (@vancouverglamgirls).  On
top of all this action, we've formulated a signature product which is an
all-natural, refillable, and fair trade Deluxe Makeup Brush Cleaner.

We want to do more green beauty makeovers for print, TV, and in our makeup
lessons.  Green cosmetics can be hard to find so our website will soon
have an online store for green/clean/vegan brands and makeup tools.  Stay

Contact info:
Sheilla Porciello

IG: @vancouverglamgirls
Vancouver Glam Girls
"Creating photo-ready looks"


Photo: Daniel J. Collins

Makeup: Sheilla of Vancouver Glam Girls

Cosmetics: Elate Cosmetics

Model: Charlotte Curve Model of League Models and Kind Lifestyles 


Elate Cosmetics is a beautiful brand based in Victoria BC.  Their products are vegan, cruelty free, toxin free and gluten free.  I love that their packaging is not plastic but rather wood.  Loving their sustainable efforts. And of course loving supporting a local BC brand.  Shop Elate Cosmetics online at https://www.elatecosmetics.ca and if you live in Kitsilano pop into the boho stylish, Jackson Rowe, https://www.jacksonrowe.ca for a selection of Elate.  If you're vegan, or simply love ethical and clean beauty and you need to get photo-ready now you know who to call.  


Thanks for reading!  

xo Charlotte - Kind Lifestyles "Conscious choices for a kinder world"



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