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Hello loves! I’d like to chat about some of my favourite brands that I have modelled, worked with or simply admire.  My focus is on designers and brands that have sustainability practices, conscious of the fabrics used and are ethically produced.  Being on the mid-size/plus-size spectrum I always have my radar turned on, looking out to partner with and shop brands that are size inclusive.  I understand how challenging this can be for brands that are not made to order or are smaller brands not producing large size runs. It can become quite expensive and risky for small businesses to expand their sizes. It takes time to promote and become recognized as a size inclusive brand.  The reason I am explaining this is as a shopper I feel we have an opportunity to come to this often challenging situation with a level of grace and thankfulness for the brands that try, wish they could or are in full production. I realize it can be challenging especially in the ethical fashion market to find beautiful quality pieces that fit larger bodies.  There are amazing inclusive brands now around the world. My focus here will be on brands in both the US and Canada that are creating high quality garments for a broader group of indivuduals. Many of the brands I list are inclusive of plus size, note some run only up to midsize, XL, 2X or XXL. I hope this post and list of some of my favourites helps your conscious shopping journey!

Let’s start in Canada.


Leze the Label is inspired by comfort, their sustainable workwear is made to feel like pyjamas. Made from coffee waste and an assortment of eco-friendly up-cycled materials; including fishing nets, beech trees and recycled plastic bottles to promote functional fashion with integrity. One of my favourite things about their dress shirts is that they are wrinkle free.  This is heaven for me, not to have to take out my steamer (God forbid the iron). Their sizing spectrum runs from XS-3X. I am loving the Meri jumpsuits, Athena sweater with the Kendal pant, Maya turtle neck, and the Romano Boyfriend Shirt in Chambray. 

Ethics | Natural fabrics, recycled materials, responsibly produced

Athena sweater


Another favourite Canadian brand is Free Label.  Their inclusivity extends from XS-4X. I love how they create with high quality natural fibre textiles including supima cotton, bamboo, tencel and linen. They are conscious of their supply chain and partner with local family run businesses. If you’re on a budget or simply love to thrift as a buyer or seller. They offer a community page on Facebook where shoppers can buy and sell previously loved Free Label pieces! One of my favourites in their new Spring 2020 collection is the white linen Frannie top which I’ve just received. I love the versatility of their pieces, worn in functional multiple ways. Like the trail tank which is reversible creating two neckline options. For the Frannie top I suggest matching that with very high waisted pants from your own wardrobe or from Free Label I would suggest the Loretta pant, which I have modelled and adore!

Ethics | Natural fabrics, ethically made in Canada

Frannie top and Loretta pant


Encircled collections arethoughtfully designed for the evolution of your capsule wardrobe.  They create modern basics and versatile multi-way clothing. I love the effortless modern style they embrace. Inclusivity XS-XXL.

Ethics | Kind fabrics, transparency, ethically made, certified B corporation

The Unblazer


Hernest Project creates effortless comfortable sleep and lounge basics using premium sustainable fabrics and transparent practices.  Their intention is to make you feel good. Inclusivity XS-XXL

Ethics | Sustainable fabrics, ethically made

Aldae Jogger

Let's take it South to the US!


Universal Standard runs sizes 00-40, Yes this is for everyone, find your Fashion freedom here! What is unique about Universal Standard is their continued commitment to the fact that we all have different body shapes and sizes. Our bodies change, with their one year warranty you are able to upcycle your item if you fluctuate in size within one year. 

Ethics | Quality materials, fair labor standards, upcycling/recycling, gives back


Emerson Fry is a style forward small batch fashion house. So when they launch a product they will often do pre-orders for it.  I love their chic effortless and sophisticated style. I haven’t seen them launch a large collection but rather they slowly launch by product. Emmerson Fry ranges from sizes XS-XL but when you take a closer look at some of the pieces cuts and measures you will see that they could work for extended sizes too.  My advise is to reach out to them directly with the piece you are interested in and inquire.

Ethics | Quality materials, fair labor standards, limited production runs each week 

India Sundress


Temple Ro is a vegan and ethically produced brand.  Their designs are full of personality and charm! For those whom really like to make a statement.  Perfect for festival season too! Most of their fabrics have a lot of stretch which are great to flatter so many body types. Made with love in San Fran with a modernized vibrant Haight-Ashury inspired feel. 

Ethics | Quality materials, vegan, made in the USA.

Sophie Bells - Amethyst


Hackwith Design House “Made in America and designed to be your favourite” 

Classic, simple, modern and sophisticated pieces. XS - 4X.  To reduce waste many of the pieces are made to order.

Ethics | Quality materials, responsibly made in the USA.

Villanelle Dress


Sotela is radically inclusive for all humans. The fabrics used are a combination of natural eco fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and lyocell and man-made recycled fabrics including recycled plastic bottles. Sotela is made in house and made to order with an extended size range from 0-30. 

Ethics | Natural fabrics, recycled materials, ethically made to order


More great inclusive and conscious brands you can check out in the US and Can...

Alice & Alexander

Left Edit

Girlfriend Collective



Show Me Your MuMu


Gus Sloan


Thank you for reading! I'd love to hear your feedback if you have any other favourite ethical fashion brands that are size inclusive.

xoxo Charlotte

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