About Charlotte

A vegan model and yogi, passionate about inspiring love and kindness for ones self and others.  

The Kind Lifestyles blog is aimed at educating our choices in daily life from foods to fashion and care products.  Considering the welfare of humans, animals and the planet.  

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Charlotte - Kind Lifestylist 

Welcome to Kind Lifestyles.  This is a platform/blog to learn and share about creating an eco-conscious lifestyle from sustainable, vegan to cruelty free, fair traide and organic.  

In the articles published here I hope to inspire and help eduacate myself and others to make positive life changes. That our choices as consumers matter.  That we can and do make a difference by supporting business and brands that align with our personal core values. "Making a difference one choice at a time." 

I am an animal (sentient being) advocate, traveler/explorer, and polar opposite home body, plant based foodie, curve model, yogi, dancer and writer...

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you come away with inspiration and motivation for positive choices, which support kindness to ourselves, animals, the environment and fellow humans.

Love & Light,